Phoebe Thunderman is potrayed by Kira Kosarin.

"It's over, when I say it's over! "

-Phoebe,from Phoebe vs. Max


Phoebe is a teenage girl but she has super powers.She has a twin, Max Thunderman (Jack Griffo) and two younger siblings named Nora (Addison Ricke) and Billy Thunderman (Deigo V.).


Phoebe Thunderman has the most powers, and has the same powers as Max Thunderman. Although twins, Phobe and Max are polar oppisites.Phobe's a superhero, while Max is a supervillain. In the episode Pheobe V.S Max, Max tells Pheobe why Max wants to be a villan. Phobe just wants to be an average teenage girl, and even though she's not, she has an academic record that impresses everyone. She has a crush on Cole Cambel. Compared to Max, she's not much trouble, but breaks the rules when nesscary.


Phoebe is able to lift things up with her mind, though she usually uses her right hand pointed at the object to do so. She often lifts up her brothers and sisters when they are misbehaving, or she is annoyed with them. 

"Oh, that's it! You're getting it!"  -Phoebe

"Phoebe, put your brother down." -Mr. Thunderman

Phoebe also has the ability to freeze things with her mouth. Pretty much, Freeze breath. She only has to blow on something and it can be instantly frozen.

"You just froze your best friend!" -Max

She has heat breath, which is like fire from her mouth.